PLPA 250 Seminar- Marcos Vinicius Caifa Sepulveda, UC Riverside

Marcos VC Sepulveda UCR
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The Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology's weekly Plant Pathology 250 seminar series is presented this week by Dr. Marcos Vinicius Caifa Sepulveda, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Riverside 

Seminar Title: “Discovering the role of Patagonian birds in the dispersal of truffles and other mycorrhizal fungi”

Biography: Marcos is originally from Chile. In 2013, he graduated from the University of Chile with a B.S. in Biology. He completed a Master in Ecology from the Instituto de Ecologia in Xalapa, Mexico in 2016. In fall 2017, he joined the Fungal Biology lab of Dr. Matthew Smith at the University of Florida and in August 2021 received his Ph.D. from the UF Plant Pathology Department. Marcos is currently a Postdoctoral scholar in the Glassman Lab. His research interests include ecology and evolution of fungi, community ecology and microbial ecology. In this talk Marcos will share his findings regarding the role of Patagonian birds in the dispersal of Ectomycorrhizal fungi.

Faculty Host: Caroline Roper;

Contact Information
Margarita Flores
(951) 827-4233
Plant Pathology 250
Microbiology and Plant Pathology
Target Audience
Students, Faculty, Staff, UCR Community
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