UC Riverside’s ‘homemade’ testing lab in the spotlight

From the UCR article by Madeline Adamo

From the Article: "UC Riverside’s “homemade” COVID-19 testing lab has drawn widespread attention from Southern California media. 

The acknowledgment of the new lab’s success comes at a time when some universities across the nation have struggled to prevent campus outbreaks. The lab – created by UCR faculty – places the university in the elite company of universities including Yale that are providing their own testing facilities. 

“We’ve been operating at full speed,” Rodolfo Torres, vice chancellor for research and economic development, told The Press-Enterprise in an article published Monday. 

“We want to minimize the chance that there will be an outbreak.”

Torres, who was appointed to plan the lab with other campus leaders in April, was also interviewed by NBC Los Angeles and Telemundo 52 about the success of the current program. 

Using saliva tests, the lab can process up to 400 test samples a day, with students getting their results back quickly— usually within one to two days. "

Read the entire article here at the UCR News Site

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