Collaboration Finds Link Between Consumption of Soybean Oil and Ulcerative Colitis

MPP Faculty Dr. James Borneman & Assistant Professional Researcher Poonamjot Deol among collaborators.

In collaboration with other UC Riverside researchers, Drs. James Borneman and Poonamjot Deol, of the MPP department, have helped to discovered a link between high consumption of soybean oil and ulcerative colitis.

These findings were recently published in the Gut Microbes journal with the title Diet high in linoleic acid dysregulates the intestinal endocannabinoid system and increases susceptibility to colitis in Mice. 

The full article about these findings and the publication of this research can be found on the UCR News site, titled Widely consumed vegetable oil leads to an unhealthy gut.

Update 8/2/23: Article about this research including a video interview with Dr. Sladek, Department of Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology, was posted to the ABC7 news website and broadcasted on air. The link to the article and video report can be viewed here.

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